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The history of our company

Hermann Hauser founds the company of the same name as sales agency of Efka Group for our region.

1941 – 1945       
Hermann Hauser has to serve his country while his wife struggles to keep the company going.

After his return from war captivity new contracts are concluded and a new start with company Efka is made.

Constant growth due to 6 years of hard work and the taking over of some more sales representations requires a new company building; the move takes place in May 1954.

Aged 20 Heinz Hauser joins the business. The company starts building a wholesale for smoking accessories. Also the first sales representative is recruited in the same year.

In the autumn of 1968 Peter Hauser, the younger son of Hermann Hauser, joins the company.

Hermann Hauser hands over the management to his two sons but stays in the enterprise as a partner. He retires from day-to-day business when the company moves to a more modern building with an area of 500 m2.

1975 – 1992       
In the course of the years the company develops into one of the leading trading companies for smoking accessories in Southern Germany. Limited capacity makes it necessary to move again in 1980. At about the same time take-over of some companies takes place, amongst others the company Schwarzkopf and the company Lösch & Badura in Stuttgart.

With a vision Anne Hauser, the wife of Heinz Hauser, builds a very modern building in which the company is still located today as it still meets all requirements for a modern wholesaling enterprise.

A crucial year in the company’s history: Hauser concludes an exclusive delivery contract with the company Distrigit (at that time an enterprise with ca. 500 stores in the smoking article business) which turns them practically overnight from a regional trader into a nation-wide operating wholesale.

Hauser is exhibiting at the Inter-tabac for the first time. This is the start into the export business at the same time.

Colibri gives the exclusive distribution for Germany and Austria to the company Hauser.

Investments in company Dürninger, the oldest tobacco house of Germany, founded in 1747, with currently 34 retail shops focussed in the Southwest of Germany.

Enlargement of the storage capacity by building a hall with storage space for 1.200 pallets.

Dieter Venzl joins the management.

The daughters of Peter Hauser, Sabine Lettenbauer and Sonja Daiminger became partners of
the Hauser company.

In May 2015 the wife of Peter Hauser unexpectedly passed away. Hanne Hauser was an important part of the Hauser-Team and was responsible for the quality assurance and the showroom. In addition she was involed in the conversion of the creative ideas of her husband. From the planning up to the delivery. Many thousand of the legendary Zippo spiders have gone through her hands.


The family owned company Moosmayr based in Austria which is in the business already in the 4th generation has taken over the corporate shares of Hermann Hauser GmbH and thus is planning for the future. The company Hermann Hauser will remain a separate and independent enterprise based in Augsburg with the entire previous staff. There will be no changes in the relations to our customers and suppliers.

Jörg Gerteisen joins the management.

Heinz Hauser retires from the company together with his wife Anne in June 2018 to enjoy their private life.