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Boveda is a product for humidity stabilisation that was especially developed for cases, counter humidors and travel humidors. 
Unlike conventional humidification systems, Boveda guarantees a constant moisture content, which preserves the natural oils and sugars of the cigars and thus enables unrestricted smoking pleasure.
Each packet reacts to the current temperature and humidity in its immediate surroundings by absorbing or releasing small amounts of moisture. Boveda contains a saturated solution of natural salts and pure water, protected by a membrane. Since this membrane works in both directions, the selected humidity level (of 69%, 72%, 75% or 84%) is reliably maintained.
This principle corresponds to the process of osmosis known from natural science, which describes, for example, the spontaneous passage of water through a membrane.
Boveda does a great job not only in the humidor, but is also very well suited for pipe tobacco: simply put a packet in the tobacco box and the pipe tobacco will maintain its freshness.
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