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It’s cool – Trendy. Popular. Innovative.
With our own brand “It’s cool” we pick up current trends and implement them with high demands on quality and functionality. The product range is versatile: Refillable piezo lighters with cheeky decors,
metal lighters in trendy colours and designs, jet lighters, BBQ lighters in different designs, cigarette boxes and cigarette metal cases with popular motifs.

“It’s cool” has the right accessory for every cigarette smoker, cigar lover or pipe smoker.
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10 cm10 cm10 x 7 cm10 x 7 cm10,5 cm10,5 cm100 mm100 mm100 mm / Slim100 mm / Slim11 x 7 cm11 x 7 cm15 cm15 cm16 cm16 cm17 cm17 cm17.5 cm17.5 cm18 cm18 cm20 cm20 cm20,5 cm20,5 cm22 cm22 cm27,5 cm27,5 cm8,5 x 5,5 cm8,5 x 5,5 cm85 mm85 mmMiniMiniRegularRegularsortiertsortiert
1er Jet1er Jet2er Jet2er Jet3er Jet3er Jet4er Jet4er JetDoppelflammeDoppelflammeGlühdrahtGlühdrahtGreen FlameGreen FlameLichtbogenLichtbogenNormalflamme PiezoNormalflamme PiezoNormalflamme SteinNormalflamme SteinRed FlameRed FlameSchrägflamme PiezoSchrägflamme PiezoTurboflammeTurboflamme
DruckknopfDruckknopfflexibelflexibelMagnetknopfMagnetknopfmit Bügelmit Bügelmit Clipmit Clipmit Cuttermit Cuttermit Flaschenöffnermit Flaschenöffnermit Gummibandmit Gummibandmit Papierhaltermit Papierhaltermit Pfeifenstopfermit Pfeifenstopfermit Stegmit Stegohne Stegohne StegRollboxRollboxRundcutterRundcutter
EmblemEmblemgeschlossengeschlossenGravurfeldGravurfeldoffenoffenPop upPop upSortimentSortimentUSB-LadekabelUSB-Ladekabel
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