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The history of the Zippo windproof lighter begins in 1932 with George Blaisdell. He found that to light a lighter, both hands were needed to protect the flame from the wind. A very impractical handling. He began to make a rectangular case and attached a hinged lid to it. This is how the first prototype of today's Zippo lighters was made. The name Zippo was derived from the term "Zipper". The first patent was filed in 1934 and granted in 1936. Much has happened since then. The name Zippo became a brand and company name and has remained so to the present day. They boast worldwide fame. Little has changed in the shape of the lighters over the decades. The angular shape of the lighters is one of the most striking features of the brand.
The Zippo lighters have become an absolute cult accessory worldwide in their 80-year history. In a 5-pocket jeans, the lighter has room in the small bag and becomes an everyday companion. Zippo attaches great importance to durability and quality. The foundation of every lighter is therefore high-quality raw materials and careful, conscientious workmanship.
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