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The world needs responsible engagement – these days more than ever. Ignorance and idleness are not the solution. On the contrary, it is time to roll up our sleeves and stand up for new ideas. "Every step in the right direction counts! We cannot be perfect everywhere, but we can improve in many ways." That was the motto of Jörg Gerteisen, General Manager of Hermann Hauser GmbH in Augsburg, when developing the new product line called Tortuga verde.
With this in mind, the products for the new Tortuga verde brand are intended to generate impulses towards greater environmental awareness. Products under this name will have features that are a little more sustainable than before: whether it is packaging made from recycling paper, the absence of plastic or the use of natural resources. Our focus lies on combining environmental friendliness and product quality to gradually enrich the existing product line with sensible, ecological alternatives.
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